A World Bank delegation has carried out a visit to PE MZ Infrastructure
The delegation of World Bank Office Skopje visited the PE MZ Infrastructure on  9 March 2012.
The World Bank representatives were interested in the conducting the projects for which were used the loans from World Bank, and they took this advantage to visit the central remote traffic control office installed in Trubarevo.
They had a possibility to assure themselves in the good functioning of the system and traffic regulation along the entire Corridor 10 from Tabanovci to Gevgelija.
The Director of PE MZ Infrastructure, Mr. Irfan Asani informed the delegation about all projects conducted until now for which the financing was provided through World Bank loans.
During last years the World Bank has financed in the following two railway fields:  

  Railway reform composed of the following components:
Technical support for railways transformation
Social component
Mechanization for maintenance of lines and modernization of the infrastructure

  Trade and Transport Facilitation in South-Eastern Europe (TTFS) composed of the following railway components:
Improvement of the border crossing points for railway traffic
Installation of Railway Communication System on the Corridor 10

Were also conducted the following projects:

Elaboration of the Staffing and Cost Reduction Study
Elaboration of Railway Transformation Study
Elaboration of  Infrastructure Access Study
Purchase of mechanization such as track cars, dual-purpose vehicles and service vehicles to improve maintenance efficiency of the infrastructure
Purchase of rails and sleepers
Purchase of optic cable for Corridor 10  with an equipment for installation, connection and measuring
Purchase of multiplex equipment for integrated telecommunication network
Purchase of remote traffic control system
Purchase of information equipment
Railway  Infrastructure  Management System

It was stressed that all projects were successfully finished and  timely implemented, so the PE MZ Infrastructure use already their benefits.  
By installation of the most modern devices for integrated telecommunication network and remote traffic control system, the PE MZ Infrastructure can be considered such as one of the most modern railways in the Balkan area and beyond.
At the end, the Director Mr. Asani underlined that the modernization trend must to continue in the part of rehabilitation of the obsolete systems in the railway stations which must be replaced by new ones as well as increasing of the efficiency and mobility teams for removal of the defects by purchasing several track cars, service vehicles and dual-purpose vehicles, and he stressed also he is expecting the support and continuation of good collaboration with the World Bank.    

Information about the price of railway tickets can be obtained at:
e-mail: mztransportad@mt.net.mk
Telephone: 2449-212