Trains will stop if salaries will not be paid by tomorrow
Trains will stop if salaries will not be paid by tomorrow 

“Macedonian Railways” trade union stated that they will carry out the threat to stop working if payoff for unpaid salaries will not be realized until tomorrow at noon. Interruption of the train traffic will depend on the decision that will be made by the company management – was said from the Trade union. CEO made a promise that transfer of the finances for salaries will be done latest by Monday, but it will not calm the situation down – in “Macedonian Railways” there is ongoing preparation for layoffs. 

Currently the Railway prepares temporary layoffs for 330 employees that will become effective from the next month. The management and the Ministry of Transport and Communication are thinking of cutting off the employees wages for 20% and approximately around 100 employees from May are going to be announced retrenched.

Situation in the public enterprise is boiling.  The employees did not receive payment of the salary for January and they demand payoff until 12 pm tomorrow or they will stop working. Saving measures are not popular and are opposed by the trade unions. They are looking not for saving measures, but for changes in the management.

- One of the problems is that JSC “Macedonian Railways” has debt of 200 million denars, which is four months salary payment for our employees, stated Dragan Spasovski, the President of the railway trade union.
- On the previous press conference the Minister Janakievski was invited with intention to show him who is the people who are running the railways, to make changes if we would like to see the railways to operate as it suppose to. Unfortunately, until today it did not happen, stated Marjan Spasovski, the President of the independent railway trade union.

The management is trying to calm the situation down, and the CEO, Irfan Asani announced payment at the latest in Monday.

- It is correct that employees did not receive their salaries, but we are making efforts to process the payment at Friday, latest at Monday. But, I would like to say, that what the trade union representatives are doing right was not agreed on the meeting we held, stated Irfan Asani, PE MR Infrastructure CEO. 

Will Macedonia have functional railway traffic tomorrow mainly will depend on payment of late salary to the railway employees.

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